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Young Adult, New Adult, Adult
Romance (all sub-genres), Contemporary, Women's Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopia, Mystery, Thriller

Feel free to contact me regarding other genres.

This is usually the final stage before publication. Proofreading focuses on catching any errors or inconsistencies with spelling, punctuation, grammar, or formatting which might have slipped through previous edits. Normally, it is performed on a fully formatted ‘proof’ manuscript so an editor can check the final formatting or layout, but this isn't always the case, and it can be executed on an unformatted manuscript.

This type of editing does not make or suggest alterations to a text unless something is glaringly obvious. Its purpose is to catch last minute errors, so it is expected a manuscript has gone through revisions and various types of editing before a proofread is undertaken.

Some of the features looked for in a proofread are:

  • Typographical errors
  • Spelling inconsistencies
  • Missing punctuation
  • Punctuation errors
  • Formatting problems
  • Formatting inconsistencies

To schedule a proofread, please contact me through the details found on the contact page.

Please note, I do not offer sample edits for proofreading. However, I will read 1000 words for free in order to establish whether this type of edit is right for your manuscript.

I can edit for American or British English. American English edits will refer to the Chicago Manual of Style. British English edits will refer to Hart’s New Rule (Oxford Style).

I supply and require a contract be signed for all editing packages.

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